This year, one of the issues on which no one can agree is whether the iPhone 6s / 6sPus will come out in Rose or not. The first talk about the pink iPhone 6s was by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo but since then have seen the rumors have constantly contradicted. The last two rumors agree not saying one is pink gold plus a copper orange color, but exist and one that the assembly has not seen anything other than the same colors we’ve been seeing from the launch of the iPhone 5s.

Amid such confusion, the manufacturer of bags Spiegen seems to want a little warm the atmosphere, and can not think of another way to launch several cases in which announcement pink iPhone 6 appear. In addition, the slogan says “Flowers a new color for the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus”. But what you mean exactly?

This actually seems more a marketing campaign than anything else. Apple may provide some information about your products to manufacturers of accessories, but never allow them to publish the information. In addition, you do not need to tell you what color will the new iPhone to create their accessories. Chances are that Spiegen wants to take advantage of the moment of creating more confusion confusion even if possible, which at the end of the advertisement.

Chances are they have to remove his post soon. And because Apple is not going to ask him, but because surely there will be pink model. I can be wrong, but in previous years, in late August and the color, shape and size are unknown. The year the first iPhone came out we saw golden tray nano-SIM card and buttons and so did the iPhone 5c. Anyway, there are only 10 days to find out.

source: Spigen (through Amazon)

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