Created by using Cody and Robert Solomon from SoloMatrix and being funded by means of Kickstarter. Spike iPhone protectevice allows users to have physical keyboard on their iPhone. The difference with most other keypads for the iPhone is that no other connection Bluetooth. Pressing a button gives immediate access to the iPhone touchscreen.


There will be a lot of promotion to be done over the next 34 days to find enough investors. It's still possible for the early bird special in-writing, where you pay $20 for black Spike 1. Later, this case will cost $35. In addition, there is the Spike 2, which is slightly more luxurious is carried out and costs $40. It has a hinge on the right which you can easily fold away keyboard.


It may look simple, but the creators claim that two years of research in the development of the keywoord prototype. The great thing about the combination of the iPhone case and the keyboard to produce a Blacberry feeling on the Apple Smartphone, also it can be operated  using  gloves. The keyboard is only 4 mm thick so that the iPhone case does not feel like a big brick.


With 35 days to go, the pledge is set to 75,000. The pleges  for the three different models are currently set for $20 for a Spike1 or $40 for a Spike2 and Spike3 for $150. so far SoloMatrix  project raised 7,000 with 135 backers.


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