Spire: Siri i4Siri Hack for iPhone four – Connection to server efficiently [Update]


We have now already stated on the mission known as  i4Siri  and have promising Siri proxy  described in more detail . The first legal proxy server but do not provide the connection to the Apple server, but uses the voice of Google API to convert the speech into text. Thereafter, the converted text is sent back to the proxy server and then developed with the help of "Siri proxy plug-ins" processed. As a result, the respective respo
nse sent back to the device and displayed accordingly on the iPhone home. 


This server is no longer dependent on Apple and requires no atuch authentication key from an iPhone 4S. Nevertheless, promised that all components of Siri and even more features will be available.

The connection from the server to their own IOS device could be accomplished and the transmitted voice packets are stored on the server. However, there must be some errors corrected, so the voice packets are sent to the Google server. At the same time the various plugins for the implementation of specific actions will be completed. Be implemented as a last resort, the authentication of IOS devices through the UDID.

So after a long day @ Shark17 has been able make great progress. We have been able to get the server to make a connection with the iPhone and attempt to create a file locally containing the speech packets sent from Siri on the iPhone. Ruby errors out due to a nonexistent file header. Mark says he has found a way # in which this has been done in C. We So just need to Implement this into ruby. Mark is confident once these files create successfully that we can easily send to google for processing and return text can be implemented into the Which plugins we have created. The last step is to implement authentication UDID.

In addition, the developers plan to gradually add more languages. This suggests that support the "i4Siri" solution in the near future, more languages ​​than the Apple solution. In this regard, one was survey launched by the developer, to find out the most important languages. Currently, German, French and Spanish in the first place.

Hey! Alex here, and after getting a lot of requests for alternative languages ​​I've decided to put up this poll to decide Which languages ​​should we support. We can not promise this though but just in case we do have time and / or the ability to change the language of Which Siri understands / talks back to. The most requested language out there I've seen is Deutsch. So if you want to vote, the poll will be below this post!And as for progress, the Speex codec Google is almost done Implementing like Andrew reported yesterday.

In addition, a graphic was published, illustrating the complete process. The small diagram describes the course of the voice packets from the IOS device to Google's servers and i4Siri server.




This project is to port with the most promising option under a legal version of Siri on older equipment and could be available in the next few weeks the public. Moreover, even the legal Siri port is called  Spire  used to represent the graphical interface of Siri.

First, however, a beta-phase is performed in the selected user is allowed to test the proxy server. With a small donation, this access to the beta phase are possible. All other users will get free after the successful test-phase access. We will of course continue to monitor the project and report on new information.


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