Spire: Standing replace for Siri i4Siri Hack for iPhone four


Now we have already suggested on the mission referred to as i4Siri and have promising Siri proxy described in more detail . The first legal proxy server but do not provide the connection to the Apple server, but uses the voice of Google API to convert the speech into text. Thereafter, the converted text is sent back to the proxy server and then developed with the help of "Siri proxy plug-ins" processed. As a result, the respective response
sent back to the device and displayed accordingly on the iPhone home. 

This server is no longer dependent on Apple and also requires no authentication key from an iPhone 4S. 
Nevertheless, promised that all components of Siri and even more features will be available.

As you know i4Siri is a port # in which Siri Siri connects to Google's public server instead of Apple's. This Allows for stability because Apple can block any connection to its servers at any time (which is too risky for a large public server). The connection to Google is only to interpret what you speak. After Google has interpreted your spoken words it is sent to our server. This is where the magic happens.

Currently we have Mark DiFranco working fully on the Google part. He has designed the connection to and from Google and is almost done with our complete break off from Apple's servers. The past few days he has worked day and night on this and has helped push forward i4Siri. Thanks to his tremendous help we have been able to focus on getting the server ready to make Siri's functions happen.

Meanwhile, the developers have released a further status update and describe the current state of development. The different programmers are currently working on this project every day and try the legal Siri proxy shortly to provide. Until now, the communication with the Google servers are completed and this allows the conversion of speech into text. As a result, developers can concentrate on the programming of the required "Siri proxy plug-ins." Be programmed for any function of the language assistant must have the appropriate plugin for the proxy server. Initially, the developers have needed some time to familiarize themselves with the various concepts, but in the meantime already have the plugins for web search, Yelp and WolframAlpha completed. Thus we can assume that the development is progressing in fast pace.In addition, the developers plan to provide ad
ditional functionality and appeal to new apps. 
Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many more apps will also be implemented.

To make Siri function properly, we would have to write many "Siri Proxy Plugin." Each plugin would have to handle weather, phone, notes, reminders, iPod, etc. These plugins are being developed by Alex, Andrew, and I. Development started slowly because the whole concept of what Siri Plugins new to everyone. It took quite awhile for everyone to study and research how the plugins are built. I started and finished Siri's plugins to understand web search, Yelp, and WolframAlpha (the plugin that tells you how many calories in a donut and what 4 times 4 is). When I started work on the phone and calendar plugins I reached a complete stop. There was no method out there on how to connect to these applications. I spent a good day just thinking of how to get these plugins working. After googling around I had an epiphany! I knew how all of Siri
's functions would be programmed and how we could install many custom plugins such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In the near future an associated web site is provided on the user information and to register for free (UDID number), which are additionally needed, can enter. The registered users will then receive the corresponding data in order to use the server. This approach will enable developers to more accurately track the various users to keep track and to prevent illegal access.

To implement additional services such as calendar entries, is set to the Google calendar. Thus, users who want to use this service to provide their account so that the entry is automatically added to the calendar. With this procedure should be done to close connection to the operating system because of the icloud synchronization then the corresponding calendar item displayed on the IOS device. Will continue as the weather service for an online weather database used and transmitted using the code the correct data.

My method to solve the problem that having a website and database Siri. Within our website we have each user who wants to connect to the server register for free and securely store his UDID information. This would allow us first to keep track of who is connected to our server preventDefault random iDevices from connecting. This means that we can start having information on our users that we can fetch. In order to solve our problem I devised a solution plugins # in which we use Google calendar and reminders, online address book, online weather websites, etc. So if you wanted to make an event we would first ask you to submit information within your secure account on Which then our website we use to connect to Google's online calendar and post your event. That event would then sync to your iDevice through the app's calendar and show up there. If you wanted to check the weather
we would connect to on-line weather database with the zip code you submitted securely and return you with data. 
This type of solution for Siri's functions can be easily implemented, it will just take some time.

This project is to port with the most promising option under a legal version of Siri on older equipment and could be available in the next few weeks the public. Moreover, even the legal Siri port is called Spire used to represent the graphical interface of Siri.

First, however, a beta-phase is performed in the selected user is allowed to test the proxy server. With a small donation, this access to the beta phase are possible. All other users will get free after the successful test-phase access. We will of course continue to monitor the project and report on new information.


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