Spotify expands in Japan, the most potential market after the US.



Spotify announced on September 29, open your playback system streaming music in Japan, the largest in the United States music market. The reasons for such a large delay recognize them, we imagine that legal and problems of economically protectionist culture of the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun. and 18 months since Spotify opened its first offices in Japan, today unleashes the system streaming music playback with more users in the world, with European firm. Let’s take a look at the market for digital music streaming and generally in Japan.

During this time, according to TechCrunch, Spotify has been locked in negotiations with companies and owners of music rights, with the intention of offering what they considered a fair deal. However, the great rival is Apple Music, which came first, in a country where Apple has a good niche of loyal users.

Music sales generated in Japan about 3,000 billion dollars a year, the second most powerful outside United States music market. However, the main obstacle in Japan is generally still prefer to buy digital music and create their own copies on CD, over choosing a streaming service continuously connected to the Internet. This is why this arrival of Spotify aims to change the way the Japanese understand the music.

On the other hand, Spotify will become the only offer free streaming music in Japan, we know that Apple Music does not offer free subscription, for example. All this comes just as Spotify announces that it has more than 40 million paying users, while Apple Music is stagnant at 17 million. In short, co Spotify has 175 million users a month, a hard obstacle to apple music.

(Source: Spotify)

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