Spotify exposed Apple to the European Commission for incorrect practices on the App Store that would limit user choice and innovation.

With a post published on the official blog, Spotify defines as a real “tax” the percentage of 30% that Apple holds on every transaction on the App Store. Also, in the Spotify complaint, he also refers to how Apple prevents third-party developers from communicating with customers.

According to the company, Apple Music should also be subject to the same rules that Apple imposes on third-party apps, otherwise, we can talk about anti-competitive behavior.

With its rules, Apple would indeed be giving a huge advantage to its services and for this Spotify asks the European Commission to investigate.

Spotify also points out that services like Uber does not have to pay this fee, as 30% is required only for digital transactions and not for physical purchases of products and services.

Spotify also says that Apple is blocking Spotify updates for Siri, HomePod and Apple Watch, only for the purpose of benefiting Apple Music, knowing that in this motion it also limits the user experience.

Spotify has created a website to illustrate its reasons.

The European Commission must now decide whether to proceed with a formal investigation, which however could take years.

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