Spotify Up to date to enhance the iPhone 5



Good news for Spotify users among us, because the music service has finally tonight the update to support its iOS application, for the iPhone 5, which now has finally 4-inch screen. In recent weeks, the company received many complaints from subscribers that the update was delayed too long, American competitors like Pandora and Rdio released shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5 is already an update, to add support for the 4-inch screen.

The small update brings the version number to 0.5.8, but apart from the support of the iPhone 5, the service no further changes. It is in any case an update where many subscribers have been waiting for, some customers Spotify even threatened to leave the service when the iPhone 5 in the short term would be supported.


With Spotify is possible to unlimited music streaming on your PC, Mac or mobile device. In total there are million tracks available in the Spotify library and these tracks are not just streaming, but they can be stored online so you do not have data from your internet bundle need to use. Create a playlist and download the songs online from your home connection.

Are you a Spotify consumer or just somebody searching for a just right track carrier, then the applying can also be discovered within the iOS App Retailer. The carrier is sadly now not free to make use of cellular gadgets, cellular units will have to be used for a top class subscription prices $9.ninety nine monthly. Have enjoyable being attentive to your iPhone 5!

Obtain Spotify app for the iPhone 5 [App Retailer]

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