After the upgrade of Gmail client for iOS, which was able to open links in applications such as YouTube, Chrome and Safari, Google announced the release of new tools to integrate with the mobile platform.

Internet giant gave developers a new class of software «OpenInChromeController», which allows you to open links in applications in Chrome and go back to the program by simply clicking on the “Back” button.

As an iOS app developer, when your users want to access web content, you currently have two options: create your own in-app web browser frame, or send users away from your app to a browser.

With Chrome’s OpenInChromeController class with x-callback, users can open a web page in Chrome and then return to your app with just one tap.”

In addition, OpenInChromeController allows you to specify whether Chrome is installed on the device and set the option “Open a new tab”.


Apple prohibits the usage of different functions for the iOS because the default browser, which compelled Google to create a category OpenInChromeController. The emergence of this kind of instrument at some point will permit the developer to extend the presence of Chrome on a cell platform Apple.

Word that the default surroundings for the browser iPhone and iPad customers to jailbreak tweak can take BrowserChooser, which makes adjustments to iOS, in order that all of the hyperlinks, comparable to Twitter, e-mail or ICQ, open to any different browser

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