Springtomize 3 Updated To Support iOS 9



After many weeks of waiting, finally we can enjoy the fantastic tweak Springtomize 3, which is now available for purchase and download in Cydia back for $2.99. Fortunately users who already had purchased the previous version do not have to return to pay, since this tweak is an update of previous and has not developed from scratch.

Several days ago we reported that Philip had left the development and updates of this great tweak, because I had to start college, but delegated the work of his friend Janosch Hubner. That if Philip oversees any updates or new feature that is added to the application, although this version is not the case.

Springtomize allows us to combine in a single tweak many customizations we had previously done separately by downloading several tweaks, but this can change the animation speed, remove the stitches of different springboards, modify the control center, add more applications to the dock, increase the size of folders, change the appearance of icons, customize the lock screen and status bar …


Springtomize 3 is only an update of the tweak, no new features have been added. But we have not ruled out that in the not too distant future as both the developer Philip Janosch add new features to tweak.

With this new update, Springtomize 3 comes to version 1.4.0 and available for purchase in the BigBoss repo for $2.99. As I said above, if you buy before the iOS compatible version 8, you can download this upgrade without having to re-purchase the tweak.

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