Sprint is expected to order 24 Million iPhone Units From Apple


Dash,  the 0.33 smartphone distributor after AT&T and Verizon dedicated to purchase from  $15.5 billion iPhones from Apple over the next four years - an amount that could even rise further if needed! This is what the 10-K document sent by Sprint.




During 2011, the Company entered into a purchase commitment with Apple, Inc. to purchase a minimum number of smartphones, which on average, is expected to carry a higher subsidy per unit than other smartphones we sell. In addition, during 2012, we expect to make further progress on Network Vision, including certain costs associated with the ongoing decommissioning efforts of the Nextel platform. As a result, we expect that wireless segment earnings will decline in 2012 as compared to 2011 until we benefit from Network Vision, through reduced network and operating costs, and begin to see further increases in retail service revenue through improved total retail postpaid net additions sufficient to recover these increased equipment net subsidy and acquisition costs.

The grant of an Apple Mobile being significantly higher than for any othersmartphone, the operator should see a difficult year 2012 - this is what happenedin the last quarter, where, despite 1.8 million iPhone 4S distributed by Sprint, the company posted a net loss of 1, 3 billion (see "Sprint has sold 1.8 million iPhone").
Let us however not too crumpled to the financial health of the company: iPhone users are excellent customers, whose crimes are among the most expensivemarket.

This monumental sum of 15.5 billion represents about 24 million units, about $ 630 on every mobile to be sold.[via Barrons]


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