SPTouch for iOS 7 to replace the broken Home button and Power Button

SPTouch for iOS 7 to replace the broken Home button and Power Button

Sometimes major hardware buttons iPhone and iPad – Home and Power – fail, and this does not happen often . Usually, the problem symptoms include buttons do not work when pressing the buttons are pressed , but iOS does not react to them or on the buttons to push with force or a few times to make them work .

Often , it is a software defect , in this case to solve the problem is simple – this link instruction . But more often it is connected to the wear mechanism and without the intervention of professionals can not do. As long as you have not returned to the workshop for repair, do not put off to the side of the device – just install a free SPTouch jailbreak tweak  and you can be used pretty much the same as before.

In iOS 7 has a function Assistive Touch, which emulates programmatically Home. Jailbreak add- SPTouch offers a more practical solution . Appears on the smartphone screen virtual button that appears on top of all applications. You can move it to a convenient location and to use instead of hardware . One tap on the virtual button will emulate pressing Home, double tap – cause multitasking bar , and triple click – locks the device .

In the settings , SPTouch can increase or decrease the size of the button , color , transparency, and starting position on the screen.

Of course, this is a temporary solution that will use the iPhone and iPad , even with a broken Home button. Download the jailbreak tweak from Cydia, it’s free .

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