Undoubtedly one of the conferences that every year grab more attention is the EA (Electronic Arts) and this year has not been an exception, have introduced such innovations as the first trailer for Fifa 16, the new and highly anticipated Need for Speed ​​and left for last the new and highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront which as you know has been development by DICE, also responsible for other popular franchises such as Battlefield.

Few months we saw the first trailer on the day of Star Wars and even then blow us do, yet people of EA wanted to give us a preview gameplay offering the first game through the console PlayStation 4. Actually EA people wanted us to put teeth long as the action takes place in the remote ice planet Hoth planet that appears in the fifth film in the series, in the Empire.

We started being a soldier of assault of the rebel alliance and then we see how soldiers of the empire. We can also bring any vehicle we’ve seen in the films of Star Wars from the famous Ala-X (X-Wing), the AT-AT, AT-ST and many others including the expected battle for air between X-Wing and Tie Fighters. The icing on the gameplay puts the evil Darth Vader using force to strangle enemies, fortunately the Alliance also has a Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker to deal with the dark side and relive epic battles as we are in the movies.

It was the only gameplay seen as a way of cooperative play “Survival” set in the planet Tatooine was also shown. Unfortunately EA has not given more details about the different types of game that we will. The fact that the game looks great and if you’re a fan of the Galactic saga, join date on the calendar to make the game that will be available on November 17 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. We await requirements PC.

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