Starbucks to have iPhone wireless charging stations




Visitors today at Starbucks stores around the world have free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, but the well-known company is not going to stop there and will soon offer another “mobile” service – wireless charging smartphones. Starbucks has agreed with Duracell to use of its wireless Powermat.

Chargers running standard PMA already mounted in the tables in some places and visitors can recharge their smartphone or tablet while eating. If the project is proven to be successful, Starbucks plans to install at least 100,000 wireless stations with Duracell’s help.

PMA-compatible smartphones can be charged without any additional devices, just lying on the table, but iPhone users should not be upset that the device does not have this capability. Duracell offers a special series of covers and reel stands for “Apple” smartphones. Phone must be placed in such a case and place over a particular point table – charging will go as you connect the most ordinary wired charger.


Set the holders and cases for iOS-devices announced earlier in the program Duracell Smart Power Initiative. One of the most popular models of the company is called AccessCase. It is a “bumper”, intended for iPhone 5/5s wireless power . Complete with AccessCase Powermat mat is also provided for the transfer of energy,. Last connected to the power supply of the iPhone 5/5s and protects the unit from damage.


Tables with Powermat charging will attract even more visitors undoubtedly at Starbucks. The company said that the wireless chargers is “hygienic, safe, non-intrusive, but at the same time functional, aesthetic and innovative” technology. Such an initiative will ultimately be beneficial for visitors, one can only hope that this experience will take over other companies.

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