A group of hackers has found a new way to steal personal information: send a text message on iPhone, pretending to be Apple. Lately, many iPhone users are receiving an SMS in which it is indicated the Apple ID has expired and you need to go to the “official site” to renew it.

Too bad that the link leads to a malicious site that requires information such as name, address, password and credit card. The link is disguised with addresses like “Supportatapple.com” or “AppleIDLogin.com”. This scam has not yet arrived in Italy, but the advice is always the same: be careful and remember that Apple will never ask for information like this, nor via SMS, either by e-mail.  The scam is designed to trick users and make them surrender their personal data, usually through a text message sent by the “AppleInc” user, which includes the name of the person.

Previously, they had been reports of similar deceptions, although they often done through email. Once on the site, we ask affected your username and password and other information such as address and information credit card, which are required to supposedly unlock the account, said security expert Graham Cluley .

To avoid these scams, Apple should always verify the information on the person requesting the data and read carefully and in depth any suspicious message.

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