SteelSeries introduces the Stratus XL gamepad for Android



Given the overwhelming amount of great titles we could find for Android, it expected that gradually the various accessories and peripheral manufacturers launched their own gamepad or joystick game Android terminals. We find all kinds of shape, price and quality, as the extensible and portable MarsGaming MGP1, economic Xiaomi Gamepad or high-end convertible LYNX Mad Catz.

Although it is mostly a game perfectly playable with Touch Screen terminal itself, we often seems difficult to handle with comfort many games like FPS Modern Combat 5 or Dead Trigger 2, to which a gamepad like this the experience is much more satisfactory and similar to what we know in the current consoles.

Quality and professional performance of SteelSeries
One of the highlights in terms of manufacturing PC peripheral manufacturers is SteelSeries, known for its long experience in getting their products are optimized for professional players. During the E3 has seen his new gamepad, which allows us to enjoy the android, since it connects via Bluetooth and has full compatibility and performance for all those titles that they supported.

To function requires a supply of two AA batteries that provide a range of close to 40 hours use. His material is plastic and the triggers are coated with a non-slip rubber to avoid losing control to long hours of play and sweat of the hand itself.

Price and Availability
The new SteelSeries Stratus XL is positioned in a mid-range wireless gamepad, because although its price, currently at $59.99, is not very high, maybe it’s a minus for occasional use because it is intended for.

Despite this, it is also fully compatible with Windows for PCs, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Ouya, so if you own any of these other systems or devices you can use it where you want, it has full compatibility and offer an experience quality gaming.

During the month of July will be available in various surfaces and its own website, where you can buy for the price mentioned.(source SteelSeries)

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