Stratus-2SteelSeries  introduced the ” world’s first ” wireless controller designed specifically for iOS 7. Demonstration device held prior to the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 , which kicks off Las Vegas on January 7.

Model called Stratus is a compact wireless joystick , which is designed for use with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch running iOS operating system 7. ” The device is also compatible with Apple TV when using AirPlay Mirroring», – says SteelSeries.

Users easily mastered by the familiar classic controller and PlayStation consoles Nintendo set of keys : cross Dpad – left, a set of four buttons – right, middle – Start, as well as two analog sticks and four shoulder buttons . The device connects to the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth.

The gadget has a lithium- ion battery that provides up to 20 hours for occasional use and up to 10 hours of continuous play . In economy mode, the controller automatically shuts off after three minutes of inactivity , which further increases the duration of battery life. Fully charging the battery of the device takes about two hours. Stratus sales will begin in January for about $100.

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