Stefan Esser (@i0nic) is working on untethered jailbreak iOS 6



Jailbreak iOS 6 untethered has not been released yet. This is a  bit upsetting for iPhone 5 users or iDevices running iOS 6, after several years of silence, Stefan Esser, well known on the web under the name @i0nic, decided to come back to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad. In his new blog, the hacker wrote that in the coming days he will make a few posts about vulnerabilities found in iOS 6.

Members of most hacked devices know, and others will tell you that the latest jailbreak, which allows you to use the device without connecting to a computer, is available only on iOS 5.1.1. The sixth version of the Apple can not be compromised on most mobile devices. For any of the devices running the iOS 6 firmware, except for iPhone 4/3GS and iPod touch 4G, there is a public iOS 6 exploit.

In his blog, Stefan Esser wrote:

After two years of not blogging and spending way to much time on Twitter, I decided it is time to return to blogging. In the coming week I will start with several new postings about various iOS kernel exploitation topics, discuss some of my private bugs and techniques that Apple has killed with the iOS 6 update, will discuss some of the new security features and will also drop an iOS 6 kernel 0-day in the near future. So stay tuned…

It is not known what prompted the attacker to do writing, maybe he is haunted by the Hall of Fame «GeoHot» Hotz, who in a similar manner published vulnerabilities in iOS and tell us what they jailbreak. If this is not another trolling hacker, then it is possible that @i0nic is the first ever to do an untethered jailbreak iOS 6.

We can practice Esser weblog posts and you’ll want to maintain you up to date. Keep tuned!!!

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