In a developer discussion board in Tokyo, Steve Ballmer stated the subsequent era of Home windows will probably be on hand someday in 2012. As well as, the CEO of Microsoft for the primary time pointed out the subsequent model of Home windows as "Home windows eight"

Ballmer went on saying that as time passes, we will hear more often Windows 8 for Slate, Tablet PC, and a variety of devices with completely different factor.


It is interesting that Ballmer's statements refer to versions of Windows 8 targeted for specific categories of devices.
From this we can deduce that Windows 8 will come in flavors ARM, X86 and X64

Regarding the new Windows 8, we can add that will support a multitouch screen, ink and speech.

However, S teven Sinofsky is scheduled to participate in the conference D9: All Things Digital (31 May to 2 June)

According to media mention, Sinofsky will discuss the future of Windows in the era of cloud services and rapidly growing market of smartphones and tablets.

It is also said that in the D9, shown publicly for the first time a prerelease version of Windows 8 Tablet device with user interface Mosh.

Finally, it is expected that a public beta of Windows 8 is delivered to the PDC 2011 (September) and the RTM version in mid-2012. Mango, the next update of Windows Phone 7, will feature over 500 new features

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