Steve Jobs Among the 42 Richest Americans


Forbes  published a list of 400 richest Americans, including, of course, there is Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He took 42nd place with a fortune of about $ 6.1 billion. Last year his wealth increased by a billion dollars, which enabled him to climb one step higher on the list.



To document the fortunes of Steve is a paradox when we know that his official salary is equal to one dollar per year. The dollar is symbolic that the company grants to its chief. But let's not forget one very important point: The Apple CEO has the largest share of Disney stock, here is a major contributor to the fortunes of iPapy. A legacy of Uncle Scrooge!

First place on the podium was occupied for 17 years by a certain Bill Gates with a fortune of 54 billion dollars. 


This is despite the fact that the famous founder of Microsoft has already donated $ 28 billion to charity.

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