Steve Jobs did not like Android


We knew the personality effervescent Steve Jobs, his legendary mood and his unwavering management. One factor does now not truly stand: a photocopy of its merchandise and improvements via its rivals. The scene takes position in January 2010. Steve Jobs finds an HTC Android smartphone incorporating many inventions iOS. The blood is then a tour.  


In the biography of the founder of Apple to be released next week, Walter Isaacson describes the stroke of Steve Jobs, who has remained true to its reputation:  It's flying high " , said Steve Jobs in his biographer. He remembers saying:  I would spend my last breath if need be, and I will spend every penny of the $ 40 billion reserve from Apple to correct this. I will destroy Android, because it is a stolen product. I will start a nuclear war against them  "

Later, during a meeting with then CEO Eric Schmidt of Google, Jobs explains, "I do not want your money. If you propose 5 billion, I do not want. I have a lot of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that's all I want. "

Still, the various threats himselft Steve Jobs did not stop Google and Apple use a variety of legal action against HTC, Samsung and others.

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