On June 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Steve Jobs at Apple headquarters. All over the consult with, Dmitri had the pleasure of trying out the brand new iPhone whereas four and even come away with without needing to undergo lengthy queues to get the brand new toy on the apple.



But as it turned out, even a high social status does not guarantee salvation from the fate fall into the caste izhdunov.


How so, you ask, returning to thoughts about space and office routine? It’s very simple: Arkady Dvorkovich, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, wrote in his twitter that he was the most “presidential” iPhone 4was locked by AT & T . That is a misfortune.


Why Steve Jobs has chosen to present such a model – remains a mystery. Maybe he thought that Mr Medvedev arrived in the United States for permanent residence, or maybe just chose the first got the arm gadget from their stockpiles …


Anyway, all those who every day waiting for news about unlocking “combs” forum – you are not alone in his quest. Somewhere in the Kremlin, you have a companion in misfortune.

Unfortunately for the president, the iPhone it passed Steve Jobs was an iPhone locked to AT&T … Not very practical for use in Russia, a country that, bad luck, is not served by the U.S. network. Steve Jobs did he think the Russians are masters of the jailbreak? We understand better, at least, why the Russians have decided to take matters in hand and develop their own smartphone

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