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A 12 months in the past, Steve Jobs revealed an open letter,"Thoughts on Flash" ("About Flash"). A year later and although the position has been much written, nothing has changed: iOS devices which do not support Flash, which did not prevent the (very) sell well. Jason Perlow of ZDNet , who was one of those who predicted a dismal fate of the iPad because of compatibility issues with Flash, now admits: "we were wrong".


"Prediction of Steve Jobs on how Flash would affect the use of mobile proved correct" Perlow wrote, citing the example of Android. Steve Jobs said that the decision not to support Flash has been taken since that Adobe has not been able to offer a version iOS technically satisfactory. Adobe has not discouraged and suggested Flash for several platforms, including Android (Flash 10.2 for Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0).

For now, the result is not at the rendezvous. "The Android software is not without problems. Many of Android phones on the market […] are not powerful enough to run properly Web pages containing Flash elements " , or worse, "on the shelf double heart more powerful as the Motorola Xoom, Flash contributes to the general instability system and slows significantly navigation " .

Adobe is not the only offender: Google does not facilitate the development of Flash on Android slow and therefore its value. Perlow notes that Adobe knows fix things when she has the opportunity: working hand in hand with RIM, Adobe co-developed a system entirely dependent on Flash and AIR, Tablet BlackBerry OS, which works pretty well. " The technical point of view of Jobs is half true. Flash on mobile and train on the Mac because Apple refuses to spend time and effort shared with Adobe to optimize it. Unfortunately, […] Google is 100% guilty " .

But the real question, as posed by Steve Jobs, is the relevance of Flash as a container for both video and animation tool like: "undoubtedly, […] as a user iPad 2, Flash I never missed " . Many streaming sites, if not virtually all, now offer H.264 QuickTime. Perlow sees only one area where Flash relevant, rich applications that Microsoft has understood and redirected Silverlight, its Flash competitor, to the RIA.

Perlow concludes: "I am not convinced that Flash is compatible on smartphones and tablets, or even on computers is something we should be concerned in the future. Most of us seem to get by very well without. And that should worry damn Adobe. "

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