Steve Jobs Resignation : Apple updates its website online


Quickly after the official letter of resignation given by Steve Jobs , Apple's site has updated the chart of the company : page Governance has been updated and said that Steve Jobs is now the President board, while Tim Cook is taking the place of the CEO. Note that the position of Apple CEO was previously in first place and this time is relegated to third place, to leave (intentionally?) The new feature of Steve Jobs (note: Chairman of the Board of Directors) to Steve Jobs! Even
when Steve leaves a place, it remains in first place.


Tim Cook sheets like Steve Jobs have been changed slightly. For Cook, it provides so that it is now the boss of Apple. To that of Jobs, it emphasizes his new role on the Board of Directors. Note that Ron Johnson is still there even though he left Apple to become CEO of Target. It must be said that officially, the man is still at the apple for a few days …

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