Steve Jobs Says: Apple Does Track you Android Does


In step with a MacRumors readerSteve Jobs sent an email in which he responds to an iPhone user concerned. The news that Apple store data in a database on your computer, put into storage as a bomb. The iPhone appears always to collect the data, even if you have turned off location information.Apple itself has not yet entered the debate. It is not responded to press questions, even if it is an important issue. 

Governments in several countries have already announced they are set further investigation. Fortunately, there is always the case in such e-mail service from Steve Jobs himself. 

The question is likely to Android device, arguing that these devices do not record your location. It also shows a misunderstanding, because even with Android is set your location. There is however a difference with Apple: Google limits the number of sites to 50 pieces and then knew all older locations where you've been.

Concerned iPhone owner said:

Could you please explain the necessity of the passive location-tracking tool embedded in my iPhone? It's unnerving knowing thats my child or the exact location is being recorded at all times. Could you maybe shed some light on this for me before I switch to a droid. They do not track me.

The response he got:

Oh yes They Do. We do not track anyone. The information circulating around is false.

Actually we do not know much more, except that the concept of Jobs' track cleverly used. IPhone puts the position data including a timestamp and the information is sent anonymously to Apple.In fact there is no "tracking" because Apple was not the location of individual users is watching.

As always, it is not certain whether the e-mail from Steve Jobs himself came. There are also people who like 15 minutes of fame to themselves and have an e-mail from sucking their thumbs



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