Steve Troughton-Smith shows Siri on iPhone 4[video]


Steven Troughton-Smith ( @ stroughtonsmith ), for many a famous name in the iPhone world, has posted several videos and images which can be seen in large claim to make available personal assistant Siri for older iDevices. Although the user interface now seems fully usable, lacking the necessary authenticated connection to Apple's servers yet. Last night reported iH8sn0w all that Siri is not exclusive to the A5 processor is compiled, which means that Siri is
not technically limited to the 
iPhone 4S .


The fact that Siri is not just for the A5 processor is compiled can be interpreted as a possible hint that Apple eventually intends to Siri on older iDevices as possible, especially since Siri is currently in beta stage. Siri on his iPhone to 4 Troughton-Smith has to get the files that are required directly from an iPhone 4S achieved through read-only access from Apple's sandboxenvironment. Siri's functionality on the iPhone 4 is currently still limited, because no connection can be made ​​with Apple's servers. Since users of a jailbroken iPhone, however, have complete control over the client-side in this security model, security measures would be taken Apple defeat.

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Two days ago you could have say that Siri through a combination of technical and legal conditions is unlikely in the short term (no copyright infringement) for older iDevices can be made ​​available. It is therefore important fact that hackers can not copyright-protected files have to offer, but that users can download them directly from Apple in the form of the IPSW file from the iPhone 4S. This is the key to the file system of the iPhone 4S needed, without a boot-(or iBoot) operates is not secure. A recent cryptic tweet from muscle nerd would, however, may indicate that there are some concerns that slowly progress is made ​​and that the bootrom is dumped or to dump would be. Dumping the bootrom is a necessary step in order to thoroughly investigate potential vulnerabilities.



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