Steve Wozniak Ready to Replace Steve Jobs


Steve Wozniak, co-founding father of Apple has introduced its readiness to renew the helm of the corporate."I may believe it, sure .

In an interview with Reuters, Steve Wozniak co-founding father of Apple stated it was once prepared to come back to the top of the corporate if requested.


Without a warrant at Apple since the late 1990s, one that is known today Woz out of his silence, while Steve Jobs is on sick leave for an indefinite period and that shareholders are questioning the future.

In addition to state law, Steve Wozniak took the opportunity to express his opinion changes that Apple should be made, as offer products more "open". Often criticized for its lack of flexibility, Apple could radically direction if Woz returned but nothing is less certain. Indeed, it is not certain that the leadership of the firm for the Cupertino company, including Tim Cook that Steve Jobs has given the reins, saw a very good eye, such a return.

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