Steve Wozniak side with Apple in FBI iPhone case



The San Bernardino case is doing much to discuss, and not surprisingly still arriving the comments of famous people linked to both the world of technology to the political. The last in order of time are those of the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Interviewed by TBS, Wozniak is in favor of Apple, not only because it is a struggle for human rights of which he is a big supporter, but also because “governments should not have the power to force manufacturers to make less sure their devices, in a time in which the private security is so important “. Among other things, Woz believes that the iPhone terrorist there is not anything important, since it was a business device controlled by the County. Finally, Wozniak also confirmed that a software created by Apple could always end up in the wrong hands, opening the gates for cyber criminals to have the possibility to access private data on the iPhone around the world.

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