Street View for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 would be available in two weeks



While Google Maps is expected to iOS would not reach the iPhone 5 and other Apple devices before year-end, the latest reports give new hope to the Cupertino users as they may enjoy long before Street View.

While the Google working on a native version supports iOS 6 Maps application is not expected to be ready for launch until late 2012, a browser based on Street View for Apple gadgets will be in about two weeks, according The New York Times.

That will fill a glaring omission in the functionality of Apple’s own Maps, replacing Google Maps in iOS 6. Although Apple software management introduces turn-by-turn natively, losing navigation external applications, the photograph does not include street level Google has painstakingly collected over the years.

The browser-based version of Google Maps for iOS also lacks support Street View today, but that is set to change.

Those who visit the site – which can be saved as a shortcut to the home screen of iPhone and iPad – will be able to turn around in Street View and preview from the perspective pedestrian route.

Replicating Street View would be a difficult challenge for Apple, because although he has been able to generate maps, points of interest, and other data from external suppliers, which amount to “many” petabytes of information – there is no alternative source of what makes it special to Street View.

One possibility is that iOS device owners themselves provide street-level data, perhaps using the same technology that Apple introduced panoramic photograph in the camera of the iPhone 5 camera, however it would be a time consuming task and labor.

According to Apple, the decision to remove Google Maps from iOS fell to the constant refusal of moutnain View to share turn-by-turn. Instead, the functionality was kept for Android devices.

[via Slashgear]

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