Street View now available in Google Maps web app




Google Street View can now also be used in conjunction with the web version of Google Maps , earlier this week, rumors surfaced that the company would add the function to the web application. It looks very much like Google has launched the feature faster after it appeared that Apple developed maps application iOS 6 for many problems caused by users. Besides the fact that there is still a lot of missing data, users can not create a function comparable Street View service. In our tutorial you can see how the web application on your home screen can install a solution that Friday is nice, although Google Maps in your Safari browser is displayed. It is still unclear when a new Google Maps application is released for iOS, and whether it will be approved by Apple.

The new Street View feature of the web application allows users to search for an address or location, and users will see the usual folder appear. Bottom right of the screen will appear the famous Street view doll and when this icon is pressed, the web application show the location in Street View. Although the web version of Google Maps may not be as fast and smoothly as the standard iOS application, it is currently the best solution when you no longer have Google Maps and Street View app.


It is again bad news for Apple Maps application that uses information and maps from TomTom and other services, rather it appeared that Apple another year could make use of Google Maps, and it was so bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook in a public letter apologized for the new iOS 6 maps service not meeting expectations. The reason, according to the latest rumors is that Apple was forced to develop their own map service, after Google had indicated that turn-by-turn will not be integrate to iOS. Currently, Apple is busy improving the standard of their maps, even Apple Retailer staff would now lend a hand.

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