A George Mason Student earns $50,000 a year Jailbreaking iPhone


A scholar from George Mason College in Washington, manages an annual&#one hundred sixty;$50,000 to earn&#one hundred sixty;the jailbreak and unencumber iPhones.&#one hundred sixty;It does now not work with device from the iPhone Dev Workforce surreptitiously promoting, however gives an actual provider: he helps between 30 and forty buyers per week that a jailbreak need apps from Cydia&#a hundred and sixty;&#a hundred and sixty;to make use of or as an instance a unique theme like .&#a hundred and sixty;The unlocking of the iPhone is within the carrier of a scholar Kevin Lee.

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Lee benefits from international customers who bought iPhone in the U.S.. So he recently unlocked an iPhone for an employee of the Embassy of Mongolia, who would travel back to his homeland and wanted to use a local SIM card loaded. Lee takes customers through Craigslist, the American version of Marketplace. With the words 'Get Your Jailbroken iPhone Today' he gets enough clientele in order to pay his studies. These are often for convenience, people who lack the knowledge or time to thems
elves with apps like PwnageTool and redsn0w busy to go, even if it takes little effort to do yourself.

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