In China, the smartphone market has a fierce competition. The two leaders, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, compare almost all parameters to determine exactly which of them is in front, who is gaining popularity, and who loses it. Edition TrendForce decided to conduct a survey for the popularity of “smart” phone users in China.

According to the study, 52.4% of iPhone users in China would become the owners of Samsung Galaxy S4. A higher percentage was observed only in current users of Galaxy S III – 58,4%. We also learned that 14% of South Korean smartphone owners in China do not want to buy the new flagship of the same manufacturer, and 27.6% undecided.

In total, 3,000 respondents took part – and a half thousand men and as many women. Only 38% of owners of vehicles Xiaomi not mind to buy Galaxy S4, the holders of such Nokia has 40,7%, HTC – 45%, ZTE – 42,5%, according Onliner.


The find out about discovered that each women and men within the first location subject the reveal decision and processor sort, in final situation – the power to control your smartphone gestures, use it as a faraway keep watch over and make stronger networks of LTE.

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