Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.6000 Updates Introducing Improvements for Yalu iOS 10.2 Jailbreak



As usual Saurik did not fall short  and yesterday released an update for the Substrate Safe Mode  0.9.6000 package, a new version that is already available in its application and software store not supported by Apple and that will probably improve security and Safe mode operation on devices running iOS 10 and jailbroken with the latest tool available, ie with Luca Todesco’s Yalu Jailbreak.

The new update comes with the numbering 0.9.6000 and can now be installed by accessing the Cydia Changes tab once the repositories have been updated or refreshed. According to Saurik, when entering in safe mode once installed this new version we will see the same dialog that will let us know that we have entered in safe mode that we saw in previous versions and from which we will be able to restart to leave of that mode once the Springboard is faced with a problem that forces you to enter it.

It should be noted that this new version of Substrate Safe Mode only works in the latest versions of Yalu Jailbreak, ie in a beta 6 or a beta 7 that are already considered “as stable as can be” according to Luca Todesco, Hacker who became famous for putting his long teeth showing us what he could do and from the last month is gaining popularity by doing what we all expected of him.

Saurik warns that if we try to use the “Restart” function in an earlier version of the jailbreak, all we will get will be to lock the device. If for whatever reason we have done, the best we can do to see how the screen of our iPhone freezes is to force a reboot: idle button + Home button (volume down on the iPhone 7/7 Plus) until you see the Apple.

In any case, although it is true that the Todesco tool is not much like the ones that launched up to iOS 9.3.3, we can not deny that it improves with the passage of time.

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