Summary: Samsung has more patents than Apple


Chetan Sharma Consulting, an organization that develops methods for firms, has revealed a distinct survey. Pointing out the selection of U.S. and European patents of all avid gamers concerned available in the market for cell phones. It didn’t take a look at the worth of patents, however simply to the amount. The outcome? one thousand Apple the place no patents had been awarded cell, Samsung has about 12,000 about it!


Thousand patents between 1993 and 2011 in the field of mobile telephony. It sounds a bit low, given many reports about new Apple patents to get publicity. Chetan Sharma still bases its figures on the number of patents assigned by the U.S. Patent Organisation and the European Patent Office USPTO. Both Samsung and the company from Cupertino have considerably more patents are handled by the United States than from Europe anyway. At Apple is more than three quarters of the number of patents awarded from the homeland. pan>

The graph also shows that Motorola has more than 5,000 patents. Google took the mobile phone manufacturer  this week, reportedly to stand firmly focused on the patent battle between its Android operating system and Apple. The fact that Google took this step while Samsung itself has many more patents than Motorola and Google together, shows that the value of patents can not be read in quantity figures.

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