Super Hexagon iOS Game Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week


super-hexagonThis week, the iOS app free in the App Store is a game called Super Hexagon, a title that gets its name because it is what we will be watching all the time. This game is a classic in the App Store is that it’s been a few years since its debut, full of praise and recognition, and since then its popularity has hardly waned. In fact, certain that even if it is not ye ever tasted, at least his name will be familiar.

Super Hexagon goal is to control the small triangle that you see in the middle of the images. Move to avoid touching any of the walls around us, walls that come at a high speed. The small triangle to the right will roll if we play on the right side of your iPhone and to the left if we play on the left side of it. The mechanics seem simple, until you play a few times. Said high speed at which the walls are closed we will nerve to the point of practically not react in the first games.

It is not the first time that Super Hexagon is free for a limited time. Application for months that Apple was promoted from the application of Apple Store and is now available as App of the Week.  No doubt we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity to try Super Hexagon if you have not already done and as always, we remind you that only you will have a few days to do that next Thursday and appoint a new Apple App of the Week.

Download Super Hexagon for iOS from the App Store

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