Roystan Ross recently showed his remake of the first level of Mario 64 in HD. This is the kind of thing that Nintendo said categorically that there will: adapt existing mobile games.

The developer of Unity Erik Roystan Ross posted a playable version of Super Mario 64 HD built in a structure that can be started on your browser, provided with an Unity plugin you have to install.

The news spread like wildfire especially since Unity, by its nature, has a high portability, so the transition to the cabinet was quick: James Fietcher of Mobot immediately converted the project on iPhone and added controls virtual , so as to bring Super Mario 64 HD on iPhone 6. Obviously we speak of a tech demo made by the fans, so there is no intention on the part of Nintendo to bring a milestone of video game on smartphone or tablet, but in any case remains the excellent work done by Fietcher and Ross, who managed to retrieve a title published in 1997 and then in 2006 on Virtual Console.


At the moment, I do not think further develop this project or fix bugs related to it – unless they are so large as to make the title unplayable, or unless they are really very easy to solve. It is a project that must be taken as it is, that you can use for whatever you want. As long as they do not start to sell it for a profit, “said Ross.

We leave the video in which the programmer shows like Super Mario 64 HD can run on their iPhone 6 with a simple analog control located on the left side of the screen. We specify that we speak only of the first level of the title, because the work of Ross stopped at this point, without going over, as reported in his statements.

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