The wait is over, and after several months waiting for the best known video game character in history to come to our iPhone, Super Mario is already in the App Store ready to download on your iPhone and iPad. After many skirmishes by Nintendo on mobile devices, he finally decides to launch one of his most epic titles to play on the iPhone and iPad, and does so first on Apple devices, leaving Android smartphones for a Second wave that will arrive already in 2017, without concrete date. Do you want to download one of the most anticipated games of the year?

Super Mario Run keeps all the essence of the original games, with graphics perfectly adapted to the Retina display of Apple devices, and with a control system that adapts to touch screens, something that other video game consoles have not Achieved in its adaptations for smartphones. Super Mario Run is an “endless runner” in which Mario does not stop running on the screen and with one hand you can control his jumps to reach other platforms, get coins and other enhancers, and reach the end of each level without Have to resort to the “virtual controls” that give such poor results on these screens.

Like all products that create so much excitement the controversy has not been absent, and Super Mario run has been criticized for its price, since although it is free for the first levels, you have to pay $9.99 in a single integrated purchase to unlock All the content of the game. In addition, requiring a continuous internet connection to play has not been well received by many users who regret not being able to enjoy it on the plane or iPad without 3G connection and WiFi. In spite of everything, success is more than guaranteed.

Download Super Mario Run for iOS from the App Store

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