Superbowl + Jailbreak = “Sunday is Funday” – Subsequent Sunday



iOS 6.1 is already in the hands of everyone including the  @Evad3rs crew. They have communicated with his followers via Twitter to let us know about the status of the next Jailbreak.. @Planetbeing was the first of these to answer that it was out and would be reviewing this. Now communicate by Twitter that iOS 6.1 is vulnerable to the code they used.


He notes that the jailbreak will require merging two proof of concepts together, and of course, lots of testing.

Furthermore, @ Musclenerd wonder in his Twitter account that if everyone knew that next Sunday is the Superbowl, they’re doing?

As for the previous iPhone Dev-Crew say that “Sunday is Funday”. These lengthy used nowadays to free Jailbreak instruments. So the day of the Superbowl, that is the day we are going to all be doing Jailbreak. The chance that the identical be launched on Sunday is excessive for no main issues come up.

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