After the surprise with the Surface Neo, Microsoft increases the dose revealing one of the devices that perhaps we were less waiting for and that amazes everyone. Sitamo talking about the new Surface Duo, the company’s Android smartphone!

The new Surface Duo looks like a smaller version in the size of the new Surface Neo, but unlike the latter, the operating system onboard will be Android with full support for Google apps and services. It is a device that takes up the current concept of folding, without actually bending the display, thanks to the adoption of a hinge.

The phone has two 5.6-inch displays that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, allowing complete opening like a miniature tablet. Each display can also run two different apps simultaneously or can be placed in landscape mode, allowing you to use the second display as a keyboard or game controller. The adopted Android version is “masked” to resemble the Windows 10X operating system on Surface Neo.

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