Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro: Stylus Input Screen Test



The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is famous for many things, but one of them is its excellent ability to follow and play the stylus, making it interact with the tablet, pen and small contents of the screen is a pleasure. However, it appears that recent analysis gave a  surprising results on the iPad Pro, which makes a more accurate monitoring and better the stylus, the Apple Pencil. A story that will surprise many and professionals will seriously consider acquiring the larger Apple tablet despite its limitations in software concerning the Surface Pro 4.

The journalist and photographer Luis Angel Gimenez (@angeljimenez), writer in El Mundo, has already given considerable use to iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, although the ordinary mortals do not have it yet, theses sources always have somewhat better than that of others because of their work means. Through this video has successfully demonstrated the most sensitive of the two devices is the iPad Pro, which also shows a plot more rounded in her curves.

The application used in both devices is Microsoft Office OneNote therefore could consider here the Surface Pro 4 has the advantage. Although we can not yet ensure that the performance of the stylus is exactly the same in the rest of applications, it would not surprise us anything that the iPad Pro show this accuracy in their work, especially when it has even convinced the best artists in the world, equipment Pixar. iPad Pro seems to continue to surprise us for a few days now. (Source Angel Jimenez de Luis via GforGames)

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