BigBoss-SwipeyIn Cydia there is no scarcity for lock screen launcher . Atom, Grabby and JellyLock allow you to run lockscreen apps. New development called Swipey can claim to be the most simple and creative solutions .

Swipey released known jailbreak community programmer Tyler Nettleton . The operating principle of utility is as if the tweak works Zephyr. The latter adds multitasking gestures in iOS , including ” swipe ” from the edge of the screen to quickly switch applications.

Swipey works in a similar way. In one gesture , without finding icons and return to the desktop. If you repeat the same gesture – swipe right – will open a second pre- application, then the third , etc. Total Swipey can define up to six programs .


Nettleton says it is the easiest and fastest way to launch applications from the lock screen has ever invented jailbreak developers.

Swipey – new tweak and is only compatible with devices on iOS 7. Declared support for 64-bit models. Can assign your favorite applications in a separate paragraph of system settings .



Jailbreak for iOS 7 can be done with Evasi0n 7 software and we have put together tutorials for each Home windows and Mac OS X.

Swipey printed in BigBoss repository in Cydia for $ 1.ninety nine.

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