The Galaxy s6 event  is expected on March 1st and Samsung is planning to present at least two models: one traditional, but with new features including the metal between the elements of production, and one with curved screen.

T-Mobile is giving a clear insight on the “The Next Big Thing” by Samsung and its CEO John Legere, who made it clear when posting on his Twitter a link Subscription that reveals the image clearer hitherto known Galaxy S6.

Less than a week after Samsung discover all the new features of its new flagship, the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, has shown through Twitter the first official image of the expected Samsung Galaxy S6 with curved screen, the known as Edge.
And supposedly rumored multinational technology presented at the end of week under the MWC two models of its new Galaxy S6: one with a flat panel, in line with previous models, and a second with the two ridges curved screen, in the line of Galaxy Note Edge.


In addition to the devices is expected that the company submit a payment system, following the acquisition of LoopPay startup, which aims to compete with Apple Pay. As new applications, reports indicate that incorporate Samsung apps like Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile and Skype.

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