iphone-4The iPhone 7 has caused a lot buzz since its launch day. Although there are features that people love and hate about it, seems that in two weeks his popularity has fallen. Now there rumors about the next iPhone 8 will be glass. At least that indicates Ming Chi Kuo, KAGI Securities analyst, who has given clues about what the future device of the Californian company.

Glass Housing

According to the event in 2017 would be held 10 years after the launch of the first iPhone. By then the visionary Steve Jobs presented the future of mobile telephony to a world that still content with the mechanical pressing number keys, which would be rendered obsolete by a touch screen. In all this time many things have changed: water resistance, the power of processors, internal capacity, resolution of the cameras, etc.

However, the commitment to the glass housing is a step backwards to iPhone iPhone 4 (one of the last designed by Jobs). It is also a scratch resistant material, although a fall can cause cracked. According to Ming Chi Kuo that is the idea that could raise the company now led by Tim Cook for their next phone, which was called iPhone in August.


For the analyst would be a big mistake that year that next year a review of the iPhone 7. The occasion demands is filed and would have to opt for a new design to continue to compete with larger ones.

Kuo has also predicted what versions of the new iPhone are glass 8. One would be the appearance of a model with 5.8-inch curved screen, which two versions of 4.7 and 5.5 inches with this design would not count on your display would be united. On the other hand, it has also explained around the transparent material, stating that the cause is that the Apple phone needs a glossy finish. Currently the Jet Black version is the only one that incorporates this detail on the phone, but against has two factors: the most expensive model to produce and less resistant

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