They just announced on twitter, little can be said for now, but just released the tool that supposedly confirm the absence of ourselves, you can jailbreak the latest public version of IOS. I personally can not prove it because I have no use or access right now to any computer running Windows, which is the first operating system for the Chinese hackers launched the first version.

The jailbreak is available on the official website of TAIG. It seems that, as I said in my post on the state of jailbreak, the Chinese could do some strange movement and so it proved. Not only because Pangu was launching a jailbreak later this month for a version with no major news and was already near iOS 9 but because Pangu has beaten him on the right and has launched its own jailbreak a week before that Pangu Team launched theirs. That has happened to them to tell their plantes.

It is important to note that TAIG urges patience as Cydia Substrate is not compatible with iOS 8.3. Now we have to wait for the update Saurik. This involves the absurd competition of the groups that make jailbreaks. With the release of evasi0n7 already happened something like this: evad3rs released his jailbreak and had to wait for everything to be as it should. But the arrival of Pangu and TAIG has accentuated this problem. We all caught offside and, at first could be good news if the steps in the correct order is followed, they can become a nightmare for the first to do the jailbreak in this release.

Chances are that most tweaks will not work, although, it is not surprisingly considering many continue to operate in iOS 8.3. In fact, iOS version 8.3 is only slightly higher than iOS 8.1.2, which is the previous version where everything is stable. But it is also true that many have in their code tweaks the maximum version supported and that we have to upgrade.

TAIG alternative download iOS 8.3 Jailbreak

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