Expected by many of you to enjoy the benefits of jailbreak, TAIG has released an update to jailbreak including Cydia Substrate arrangement.

It should be mentioned that there are two options to install this update, depending on whether you already have done the jailbreak iOS 8.3 with the previous version or not.

In case you have already jailbroken your iOS device, you can download the .deb package that will allow you to install the update without jailbreak from scratch. To do this, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Open Cydia and install iFile
  • Once installed iFile, close Cydia (including bar multitasking).
  • Open Taiguntether83x.deb file in Safari for iOS
  • Open the file using iFile as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Install the downloaded file using iFile
  • Restart your iPhone or iPad when the process ends.

If you decided to jailbreak iOS 8.3 from scratch and avoid the above process, you like clean facilities or simply trust more to start from scratch, you can download version 2.1.1 TAIG utility for Windows.

When you already have the file downloaded to your computer, just follow this tutorial to jailbreak untethered iOS 8.3.

TAIG team says we should not install this version of the tool since its official launch will not take place. As indicated, these versions of the jailbreak can cause instability problems.

Among the known problems, these versions of jailbreak can cause among other faults icons disappear. They are currently working with Saurik to solve all these problems and is expected in the next few hours an update is released.

If you have already jailbroken using these utilities, do not worry. You can install the official update to launch TAIG when it becomes available.

Download TaiG 2.1.1 from our jailbreak tools page or from here (Chinese version)

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