TAIG team has released another update to its iOS jailbreak 8.1.2-8.4. This new version, which is 2.3.1 and is still only for Windows, is a beta, which is strange, and includes the latest version of Cydia jailbreak process. Perhaps they wanted to put the poster of beta by the many failures that are reporting users. It is recalled that another recently leaked beta and this time it was not a public beta.

For those of you already done the jailbreak, this update is not important. For those who do not, to make the jailbreak and will have the latest version of Cydia that Saurik released yesterday. If you have already done the jailbreak, you do not need you to go back to do the jailbreak nor that actualicéis Cydia package.

We recall that the version 1.1.20 of Cydia is intended to correct errors that were detected in the version 1.1.19 and used the launch of the new version to communicate something that they had forgotten to comment on the previous version, which Now Cydia settings are saved in the backup iTunes.

The beta version 2.3.1 will enhance the jailbreak on  version 2.3.0 if you have not already updated. Although initially only have added the latest version of Cydia, you may see failures,TAIG has not released any well-functioning 100% version. Once the jailbreak is installed, you can always upgrade packages already in Cydia.

You can download TAIG 2.3.1 from here and you can follow the tutorial to iOS 8.4 jailbreak untethered here .


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