TAIG is compatible to jailbreak untethered iOS 8.1.2



Taig, the new name in the world of jailbreak, it took only a few hours to update and now allows untethered jailbreak iOS 8.1.2,  which launched yesterday.TaiG that after initial doubts as that comes from a team of developers hitherto unknown, received the approval of Saurik, creator of Cydia, which indicated that it was, in his view, a secure method itself.

iH8sn0w twitted that , Apple iOS 8.1.2 update patch does not affect the exploit related to Taig. Therefore the jailbreak should be update to be compatible with the latest iOS firmware


Having broken the defenses of iOS 8.1.1, where Pangu had been blocked by Apple, Taig has taken just hours to update and is now in version 1.2 that allows jailbreak. This software is Windows only, so those who have a computer with MacOS X will have to use either BootCamp to start the Microsoft operating system or programs like Parallels to run Windows apps on the Apple platform.


With open iTunes and the device, iPad, iPhone or iPod compatible with iOS 8.1.2 installed, connected by USB cable, the steps are as follows.

  • We make a backup of the data. Not required, but never sable what can happen.
  • Unloaded Taig and execute it.
  • The application automatically detects the connected device using the cable, once you are done, you must disable the “3K Assistant” and press the green button.


And no more steps, and you just have to wait for the process, which is automatic, finish and restart the device, which takes about 30 minutes to see Cydia on the screen and have the jailbreak made. As always, this method is free so distrust those of any bond or promise in exchange for money. In addition, Apple has already expressly advised not jailbreak their devices. There is no denying that as a possibility, some risk may be – although they have not reported any problems – but after all, run to realize the responsibility of the user and, yes, could void the warranty of the device .

As usual, you can download from their official website Taig or through our jailbreak tools page

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