When the producer of the most effective bracelets for iPod nano goes to make all-out safety for the iPhone – do not believe in the success of the endeavor silly. And when shown samples of covers created keeping, provide total protection and that looks very cool – you need to save money. That such ideas after watching the promo-page of TAKTIK LUNATIK cover on Kickstarter.


In the process of creating TAKTIK take into account the main competitors’ weaknesses. Was set a difficult task: to make a very strong case that protects the device even with the most extreme situations, but that has a stylish design and reasonable size. Whether an accident, but rather resembles a high-tech TAKTIK detail the space shuttle than a cover for your mobile phone.


The design of the cover LUNATIK used metal and durable shock-absorbing polymers. Aluminum plate outer casing is made, the panel covering the headphone jack and an unusual design switch silent mode. As a buffer between the housing unit and the sleeve, are the polymer insert. 30-pin port is covered by a plug. Optionally, the iPhone screen can be protected by a panel of toughened Gorilla Glass, which is in all respects outperforms the conventional films.



The main advantage of the cover TAKTIK LUNATIK be considered in detail in the following video.

[vimeo 43643683 w=630 h=360]

In the case of a successful collection of the required stredstv and began production TAKTIK, the price in the U.S. will start at $ 100 for black or white model. Paying the $ 25 you can get an additional protective glass panel, and international shipping will cost $20. Traditionally, in the process of raising the price down – the simplest TAKTIK costs $75.

You can find a wide range of iPhone accessories with thousands of fresh polar products. Whether the current Apple iPhone 4S or the previous models and iPhone 4 iPhone 3G/3GS.

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