Taylor Swift criticized Apple in an open letter for paying in the three free Apple Music-month no money to artists. Prompt Apple has relented.

Apple Music is not free, the cost will be $9.99 or $14.99 to pay monthly for customers on an individual or family contract. This is Taylor Swift did not escape who is considered a great critic of Spotify: The artist offers their music not for the streaming service, since the majority of users there chooses the free, ad-supported option. According Swifts devalues ​​the music.

However, Apple Music will initially be free too: New customers should be able to try out the service for three months free of charge, only the monthly fee will be charged. By contrast, even Taylor Swift has nothing; She is happy about Apple’s push to want to help paid streaming music to success. However, they criticized in their open letter, the modalities of free streaming.

Apple takes the first three months no money from the customers – and wanted to date continue to give money to artists. Therefore, Taylor Swift chose not to offer their album “1989” at Apple Music. Do not do this because she wanted even more money; they have now earned after the release of their fifth album enough money around, her band, crew and finance so on. There you go but to young, aspiring artists, perhaps celebrating a first success – and then get out of Apple Music for this success nothing.

Swift praises Apple as a company that had been in the past very generous to artists. However, there are many artists who are not satisfied with the terms of Apple Music – but do not dare to appear in public. Therefore Swift Apple calls on behalf of these artists on to pay the performers in the three free months. After all, the artists wanted by the company no free iPhones so that they themselves also did not want to work for free.

taylor swift

The open letter was released by Swift yesterday – and promptly Apple responded: Via Twitter announced Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services that the company had heard the request of Swift and indie artists. Apple will pay them in the free trial period from Apple Music for their music.

The first Tweet ended cue with “Love, Apple” – Swift had her open letter in turn provided with the heading “To Apple, Love Taylor”. For the artist and her concern that action was a complete success.

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