A teenager has been fatally shot in London, Ontario in Canada, having wanted to track down her cell phone, lost the last weekend. The tool is useful, but its use can obviously be very dangerous. A Canadian teenager sadly paid the price: Jeremy Cook, 18, was found dead Tuesday after wanted to trace his mobile phone in a taxi forgotten by a geolocation application, reports Canadian media.

Unfortunate Encounter

The incident occurred in the city of London, Ontario. Having forgotten his phone in a taxi on the night of Saturday to Sunday, the teenager began to find the going up his trail through a geolocation application. Jeremy was then seen to indicate the address of the parking lot of a restaurant in the city where he went. Once there, his troubles began.

Jeremy found himself face to face with three men in a car, who had in his phone but refused to return it. According to the account of the London police, the young man was clinging to one of the doors of the vehicle when his interlocutors started. It is at this point that shots were fired.

Riddled with bullets

Jeremy’s body was found riddled with bullets, behind a shopping center, and the car the three men abandoned, embedded in a barrier, reports the Huffington Post Quebec. The phone of the victim was found near the crime scene. The three occupants of the car, which would be between 18 and 21 years, are still being sought by police, and a wanted notice has been issued.

This is the first time that the city police is faced with this kind of violence related to tracing a phone. “The application in itself is a good tool to have. No one would ever have predicted that what happened would happen in those circumstances. But if the risk of violence exists, we strongly encourage you to contact the police. We be more than happy to step in and investigate in hopes of finding the phone, “responded the chief of the local police. (Source: CBC)

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