Top-10-Android-AppsiOS Mobile platform is known to be very closed . Unlike Android , it does not allow the flexibility to customize the device ” for themselves.” Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company in the future could make the OS more open, but not so much that the user risked a good impression of use. It is, first and foremost, about the programs that change the appearance of the interface . Almost any Android user faced with a situation where he installed a new shell or launcher , and then could not find a way to turn it off or even removed .

Please find a selection of applications from Android- 4PDA, users who do not mind seeing on their iPhone and iPad. They could seriously change the iOS and make it even more popular.

Locale – smart geolocation

Android-iPhoneLocale automatically puts your phone depending on the location . For example , work phone to switch to silent mode and included Wi-Fi, and wallpaper are seasoned and discreet . At the same time , outside the volume and brightness is set to maximum. Competent selection profiles avoids sticky situation when the phone suddenly rang at school or at work. Settings are set only once , and then Locale acts independently . Location determined by the network stations , Wi-Fi, GPS and other signals for continuous positioning .

Tasker – a powerful command scheduler for Windows

Android-iPhoneOne of the most powerful action planners for mobile devices. Allows you to customize and automate more than 200 various actions to manage the device and the operating system Android. For example , you can make it so that smartphone will automatically play music when headphones are connected . Automator has a similar application in Mac OS X, but something similar for iOS does not yet exist .

Bitcoin – an application for managing Bitcoin wallets

Android-iPhoneIn early February, Apple removed from the App Store application for managing virtual wallets with kriptovalyutoy Bitcoin. Client installed approximately 120,000 units , was found not meet legal standards and disappeared from the App Store, leaving thousands of people without any counterpart.

App Lock (Smart App Protector): advanced protection folders and applications

Android-iPhoneMany owners gadget becomes not joking when it comes to the security of personal data and the protection of information which is not intended for the public eye . On Android, this problem is solved with the help of App Lock, which allows you to password protect any applications you want : SMS, email , pictures , calendar and others. A curious feature is shooting a man who entered a wrong password , using the front camera for subsequent identification.

Swype – Fast keyboard

Android-iPhoneEven if you do not like the keyboard from Apple, you can hardly do anything about it . In the App Store there is no such convenient application as Swype, which allows typing text , leave your finger on the screen. Can serve as an alternative to SwiftKey, but completely replace the popular keyboard available for Android, it could not.

NFC Support

Android-iPhoneApple continues to ignore the technology NFC, instead offering their own development and AirDrop iBeacons. Meanwhile, the recent spread of the world is much smaller than the NFC, which has become a kind of standard that denies the possibility of iPhone owners , for example , start the car with your smartphone , or use “smart” device with an embedded chip NFC.

Go Launcher EX – Theme for interface

Android-iPhoneAs in the case with keyboard , appearance is very difficult to configure iOS “by itself” if the iPhone was not subjected to the jailbreak . On Android customization appearance using a third-party launcher – it everyday , and one of the best customers for this for a long time considered to Go Launcher EX. Pretty ironic, but Go Launcher EX can make the unit look like on your Android smartphone running iOS.

Timely – beautiful Service

Android-iPhoneOne of the most beautiful alarm clock , which is available only for Android, which provides unmatched ease of use and advanced features to synchronize and backup alarms between different devices.

Cover – geolocation and Lock Screen applications  

Android-iPhoneLock Screen – another thing that iOS users can not practically customize on your own. In Android, for example, there is an application for this Cover, which automatically recognizes when you’re at home , at work or in the car , and then displays the main screen the applications that you use most often . At work, it can be office applications, in the car – maps and navigation , and at home – entertainment applications .

Flash Support

Lack of Flash in iOS – the most painful topic for all iPhone and iPad – now has become less relevant, but still cause a certain discomfort at work , for example, with certain sites . However , the biggest tragedy is a huge amount of games in Flash, which is still not available on iOS.

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